MOVE is an international collective working with border crossing stage art.

MOVE incorporates artists from Norway, Sweden, Ukraine and Russia, and we work with music, dance, graphic design, light design and film.

By use of movement, sound, light and images we are exploring what causes the actions of people. What moves people? The process is based on artistic field research, which afterwards is developed into movement material, music, light and images. By moving these impressions, ideas and movements between places, we make our artistic material develop. As part of the process we have done site-specifics, club gigs and street performances. MOVE has completed artistic research in Sweden and Ukraine and in 2008 we move our process to Russia and Norway.

The outcome will be a performance about motion and emotions. Our final process and premiere takes place in Sweden early autumn 2008. In order to reach this performance we want to meet with people and places for real, get impressions and inspiration, and then allow our fantasy to take over.