First Move – Sweden

June-July 2006

Dans i Nord gave the project manager Charlotta Ruth possibility to invite artists from four different countries to explore the possibilities of further an idea about creating a multi-disciplinary art co-operation project. We met during a ten day process in Sweden.

The process included gathering in Stockholm and a 900km road trip to Piteå, where we finalized the process by performing a site-specific performance in the pedestrian area. We also appeared at a club event at Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad in Luleå which we co-produced with local known dj Simon Frank.

We gave a workshop in contemporary dance in Älvsbyn at the annual summer dance scool for youth. This was our tryout period, where we refined and improved our working methods. We also came to understand that MOVE project not only deals with stage art but also involve the production of CDs and in the long run DVDs, containing short movies shot during out researches.

Second Move – Ukraine

June-July 2007

Katya Zavoloka and our co-partner Kvitnu Record Label arranged the three week process. 2nd MOVE started out with an improvised club performance at the release party for Dunaewsky69 in Kiev. After that the team took the train to south west Ukraine to the Danube delta on the Romanian border. For a week, research was done in both a village that gathered tourists from all Ukraine, and in the canal village Vilkovo, where the MOVE team was adopted by a Ukrainian family.

By bus to Odessa and afterwards night train, the team came to Dnipropetrovsk where a five day process took place in the studio of Lena Budnytska. In exchange for having free access to her studio Andriashkin and Ruth were teaching a workshop to the dancers of her company. Kvitnu label in cooperation with local dj:s arranged a club night where MOVE was the main act but also well known musicians from Ukraine were playing including Kotra, Andrej Kiritjenko, Dunaewsky69. Straight from the club MOVE took a taxi to the train station with a twenty-four hour train ride following, heading for the the Carpathian mountain region in the west. In the Carpathian mountains the team continued doing research and also took the time to evaluate 2nd MOVE. Carpathian mountain was a fantastic place to discover life in Ukraine. We were climbing a mountain visiting people who live in old style farmer houses without the access of roads. Down in the small cities life is more contemporary, but to suddenly have a street performance with something which is rather undescribable caused many confused faces, and many questions.

Third Move – Russia

June-July 2008

The scandinavian part of the crew travelled to Russia by ferry to Helsinki and by the unofficial Russian bus that stops behind the bus station in Helsinki. They stayed over night in St Petersburg and continued by train to Moscow where they met with the rest of the team.

The process in Russia included a mini residency at Café OGI in Moscow. An experimental studio stage often working with VJ:ing with the most fantastic artistic director Sasha “papa VJ” Naimushin. During 5 days we explored Moscow and created an improvised performance performed on the 21st of June. Research included preparations of Alexandr Andriyashkin. Among some things we were studying patterns of people, for example the superstitious actions with throwing coins and touching monuments. Inspired by this, movement material and music developed on the theme “emotional patterns” was developed and first tried out at the performance at OGI. Also the performance at OGI was a good opportunity to further explore projections. Footage from Moscow was mixed live with images from earlier travels.

The second part of 3rd MOVE took place in Novosibirsk where the main focus was a 6 day long workshop that Charlotta Ruth was teaching as part of the annual summer school that Dance Hotel (our partner) provides. The people working with Dance Hotel have since 8 years been working really hard to establish a possibility for non-traditional (mainly classical ballet, ballroom and Russian folk) dance training. Children, dancers and dance-teachers from whole eastern Russia is travelling to their summer school to do workshops in contemporary, jazz, street dance and flamenco.

Alexandr Andriyashkin had managed with the organizers that we would have live music. It added a lot that Johannes Burström was playing, since this is not so usual for contemporary dance training in Russia and this meant bringing something to the students they don’t normally get. One great comment after the week was somebody saying “we all need our private Johannes…”

After the week in Novosibirsk we travelled for a whole day by bus to Chemal, Altai. We stayed close to the river in a small house and was checked upon by Baba Anja who never fully understood what we were up to. In Altai we did sound recordings and worked a lot with site specific improvisation and for example Rave Guy (a character later used in both Petersburg and in the performance “What moves you?”) appeared there as a contrast to village and people looking for healing nature.

With nature and travel as luggage we came to our last point of 3rd Move. Together with Flat Corner (NL, BE, IT, SE) we lived and created an installation at a very special gallery situated inside an apartment in central St Petersburg. Our residency at galleria Gryasnaya was part of  Body Navigation, a festival focusing on dance and new media, with both domestic and international guests.

Other Moves

Dansstationen, Malmö

March 2007

Alexandr Andriyashkin and Charlotta Ruth were invited as studio choreographers at Dansstationen, Malmö. They furthered material from 1st Move and performed the work in the progress piece “How many times have you moved?”, with light design by Tobias Leira. During the Malmö session they also refined street characters and had open rehearsals where MOVE themes were discussed with audience.

Nexsound Record label anniversary

March 2007

Katya Zavoloka and Charlotta Ruth made a guest performance as MOVE at Nexsound Record label anniversary in Dnipropetrovsk. Apart from MOVE the club presented top names in the Ukrainian electronic scene which gathered around 400 young people.