MOVE operates through Transit – Allmännyttig ideell kulturförening. Great input and support through long nights before deadlines, from head of board Walter Ruth. Thanks also for being an excellent tour manager and factotum on tour with “What moves you?” 2008.

Thanks to Dansstationen in Malmö for inviting Andriashkin and Ruth as studio choreographers in March 2007, and for supporting them in all their artistic pranks. Also thanks to photographer Chamila Olofsson for pictures from our performance in Malmö.

1st MOVE

Former participant Marcus Hamrin for input and flash animations, Natalia Novikova, visionary creative Market Researcher for development and management support, Linnea Löwendahl helping us survive by being chauffeur and factotum, Simon Frank and Konstnärernas Kollektivverkstad for co-producing club, boy north of Gävle for amazing road descriptions and our car from “Rent a Wreck” who moved smoothly through the whole journey.

2nd MOVE

Czech Airlines for giving us $65 for lost ski sticks, and delivering them to our home in Kiev. Toma for her great appearance as “move me girl” in our club-performance, Dima, dj Snob, Dunajewski, Andrey Kiritjenko, Nexsound and Kotra for help with arrangements and great music at Club Underground in Dnipropetrovsk. Danillo and Lena Budnytska dance company for help with arrangements, studio and workshop. Seriosha for amazing boat rides through Ukraine’s Venice and his whole family in Vilkovo for great fish, anti germ drinks and accomodation.

3rd MOVE

Ira Demina for great help with preparations and collaboration. Gerelma Balzhirova for train tickets, Shum and Lena Kutlemina for being great friends and offering accomodation, Sasha Naimushin at café Ogi for believing in us and feeding Tobias with coffee. Sasha’s mum and grandmother in Novosibirsk for great hospitality. Dance Hotel for good work exchange and help with arrangements of our Altai research. Galleria Gryasnaya for providing an amazing space and atmosphere, Julya Bylenok for last minute stand-in, Gleb Rogozinsky for guiding us to all 2nd hand technical equipment shops/markets currently existing in St Petersburg, Flat Corner for exciting collaboration and Body Navigation festival for creating a festival despite no funding.

What moves you? Tour in Northern Sweden and North Norway 2008

Everyone who made the residency in Piteå happen, specially Dans i Nord and Acusticum for providing great facilities. We had a memorable tour thanks to: