Finally Piteå

Since a few days, the project has moved to Piteå, and started the final process towards the premiere on September 12. We have spent a few days recollecting ideas and memories from the past processes, which will become the base for our work at Acusticum. We currently live together in a quaint little house close to our working space. Compared to the previous traveling, constantly seeing new things and adjusting to different environments, it feels really good to be able to concentrate on creation.

For now, we’re trying to sketch the big picture of the performance: what we have, what to say and how to say it, what kind of space to create on stage. Our aim is to have a working process where music, movement, light and scenography have an equal impact on the final result. That is, movement material may be affected by musical ideas, or melodies might appear from a discussion about the space. A great help in realizing this comes from our previous processes: through these, we have been able to test ideas both during research and performances. By now we also have a large bank of experiences which serves as a platform, which will help our different backgrounds to become a resource rather than a source of confusion.

In our previous process in Russia, we were more busy making things than documenting them. We will try to make up for that along the way. For now, we have a large unsorted collection of images to show you here, and very soon we will share some video material from our performance at the Body Navigation festival in St Petersburg.

by Johannes 10 Years, 1 Month ago.