Traveling to Russia: words and images

Taking the long way to St Petersburg: 16 hours over the sea from Stockholm to Helsinki. No karaoke. Ferries belong to the less and less common old-school way of traveling. A lot of other means of transportation (airplanes, high-speed trains, car highways) tries to be unobtrusive as possible: a gentle puff of wind blowing you to your final destination. On ferries, you have to face the fact: you’re travelling, and you have a 7-piece band playing La vida loca to help you enjoy it.

There are also finnish buses to St Petersburg, but the russian bus departs from a secret parking lot a few blocks behind the Helsinki bus station. We were the only non-russian on board, just as advertised.

The bus is the main means of transportation for a large group of russian women on 24-hour visas, buying tax free detergent and Nescafé in the border shop for reselling in Russia.

Our first stop: Galleria Grasnaja, St Petersburg. An old apartment which will serve as base for a projection-based, live streamed experiment together with Flat Corner, starting the 2nd week of July.

In Moscow, we had a three day hit-and-run rehearsal and performance at Café OGI. A very nice place, with large screen football in the basement and contemporary art upstairs.

by Johannes 10 Years, 3 Months ago.