24 ours on a train

I am so tired- due to lack of tickets we were forced to leave Dnepropetrovsk at 5 in the morning, only ours after our gig at club underground. Now after some ours of sleep in the cabin I share with Zavoloka and a woman travelling with her teenage daughter, we have settled down in the restaurant wagon serving extremely cheap and nice food & beverages. I guess sleeping, eating and drinking are the few things you are able to do on a 24 our train trip. Greskja, a type of grain that feels like something between cuscus and porridge is really good; think I will try to bring some packages of that stuff back home. My heartbeat seems to be adapting to the rhythm from the train, as my mind is aware but in waiting modus. Zavoloka have been speaking with the woman in our cabin, and it seems she have some tips about where to stay in the Carpathian Mountains.

by Tobias 11 Years, 2 Months ago.