i’m so happy…..

There have been made a lot of horrible music in the world. Somehow we are haunted by mad popular music on this journey, and somehow I feel it is polluting my ears stronger here in Ukraine. Today I heard a trance remix of nirvanas lithium, in our minibus on our way home from the studio. I believe Kurt Cobain would turned around in his grave if he was able to hear it…

Have spent all day working, and in two days we are having a gig in a club here in Dnepropetrovsk. We have discussed fort and back on how setting a structure for our performance, because it is somehow complicated finding a balance between a stage performance and a concert in this club environment. We now feel that  music and the visual may be in the centre, and maybe Lotta and Sasha will play a different role than on a propper stage. Maybe a more ongoing and loose performance in their characters will fit, rather than a fixed dance structure. Zavoloka, Johannes and I believe we have somehow found a plan in how to deal with our collaboration in music and video. Improvisations over a set of themes,  connected to our research period in Vilkovo and Kiev. I feel like a lighting designer without lamps, as my role is more and more connected to video. I feel excitement in dealing and performing with live video clips in real-time, since I am not a very experienced VJ, but I feel thrust in my material and in my improvisation skills.

by Tobias 11 Years, 3 Months ago.