By first sight Dnepropetrovsk might not seem as eye-catching or exotic as Odessa. But after a while when you get to learn her better, she becomes more and more like a trusted friend you can speak with. Hear beauty is reviled little by little, and maybe it’s a relationship that will last for longer…..

Dnepropetrovsk is really superb. By only its name I was imagining an industrial and grey city, but my preconceptions are once again turning out to be wrong. The city seems really green and inviting, with an relaxed atmosphere. Trees and parks all over, interesting architecture, and the river Dnepr flowing like a snake through the city. The city is not filthy at all; it seems fresh and appealing with a slight nostalgic touch of the Soviet Union days. We rent an apartment somehow central in the city, through some of Zavolokas friends in the experimental music scene of the city.

Today out Russian team member Sasha arrived from Moscow. At last move project are united, and the work can somehow be structured more precisely toward stage performance. We also have access to a great studio now in town, a place we all found reliving to have as working ground.

Our first trough session in studio was established by me presenting two video clips from the material I have been working on from our stay in the trance pop city. The idea was that I feed the others with the material and somehow explain my feelings and thoughts through them. The others were supposed to respond, somehow creating a short individual piece influenced by mine. It is really interesting how different expressions as music and movements may fit so well together. As a working method it feels effective in communicating over such different fields of art, and I am looking forward to get input from the others in developing video loops and images with light.

Later we went to the club were we are supposed to perform later this week together with local artist and Dj from the experiment scene in Dnepropetrovsk. The club environment may become challenging to deal with, especially for me when it comes to the technical issues and how working within the space, but I hope we will manage to do something interesting about it.

Tonight we have spent time walking around in the parks and by the riverbank of Dnepro, together with Zavoloka’s friends from the area, some of them artists in the experimental electronic scene, and two dancers taking part in a workshop Lotta and Sasha are holding in during the week. Really great people, but again I only wished I knew the language better, because English is not quite the second language here. By the way, and an interesting fact, Ukraine seems more and more divided when it comes to language. In Dnepropetrovsk they seem to speak more Russian than Ukrainian. I still find it strange how cultural identity and language may differ within a country.

by Tobias 11 Years, 3 Months ago.