We are travelling in our tiny and crowded minibus called marshrutka towards Odessa, were we are supposed to take the night train to Dnepropetrovsk. We must look like a strange company with all our packages we are carrying with us on the trip. These fares are not made for travelling with Johannes’s bass guitar or my enormous backpack.

The bus cuts through the flat landscape on a dusty and narrow road. As far as my eye can see the scenery around me consists of enormous fields, interrupted by tiny villages, cows, scattered vegetation and woodlands.  The colour out here feels not as saturated. Even though it’s green, it’s a bleacher green today. There is a straw like yellow tint in the tones of my panorama. It somehow peaceful to watch and it feels like the time must go slower out here.

On our way, the road suddenly turns into Moldavian territory. It feels somehow exotic, as my knowledge of Moldavia only goes as far as: its size, their football matches against Norway in the last qualification for the European championship, and that they are one of the poorest of countries in Europe when it comes to economy.
But the landscape feels the same, and soon the poor road leads us again through the checkpoint and into Ukraine…

by Tobias 11 Years, 3 Months ago.