Leaving Las Vegas

These days, as usual when working we’ve been waiting a bit too long before having food. Yesterday evening we were sitting down at the closest restaurant when atmosphere was still kind of calm… But to our fear and frustration… just when we had made our order the two man synthesizer band introduced themselves again. It’s crazy the loudness of the crappy music here in light chain village. The midi sounds kill every possible conversation. It’s good we’re leaving this place now cause another dinner in that sound scape would really be too hard. It has given us some interesting inputs though and the tivoli last night was beautiful and crazy. This is failed constructed happiness. We go round, round, round not because it’s fun but because that’s what you have to do when you bought a ticket to be moved.

This afternoon I said good-bye to Fjodor the Marshrutka driver who got disappointed in me leaving already. “I have memories” I said pointing at my camera, referring to the action film starring Fjodor handling an engine problem on the way to Vilkovo. He replied with that he didn’t have anything for memory and asked me when I’m coming back. I didn’t have an answer for that.

by Lotta 11 Years, 3 Months ago.