Cigarette and shrimps – Odessa fantasies

Odessa is a beautiful but dangerous woman. Dark haired, raw and with temper, she is yet sensual and attractive. I think she speaks fast and swears a lot.
I could somehow feel it in the air when we were stepping out of our marshrutka in downtown. There is something fascinating about this city. It feels more southern in the spirit than any other place I have seen on our journey so far. The smell of sea, the mysterious history and culture lie deep in these dirty streets around the central station. People look more different; having darker skins, as cultures have met during times in this harbour by black sea. I even spotted people of African origin, not a very normal sight to be in this country. People speak differently in Odessa than most of Ukraine I heard, a bastard dialect of Russian, Ukrainian, Hebron and others tongues mixed together during centuries. Zavoloka told me Odessa people are like foxes, always trying to fool you. I better watch my pockets.

We only had a couple of ours before the night train to Dnepropetrovsk. Enough time for a tasty dinner and a brief walk around in the city core. It feels like a place I would like to explore more sometime in the future. The rawness, the beggars, the dirty market, the constant stream of people, the dangerous looking wild dogs on the corners; it alerts my senses in some way. I think there are many secrets in these alleys and streets. I hope in time I will get to know some of them better.

by Tobias 11 Years, 3 Months ago.