Saturday in a pop trance village

Woke up with a heavy head, following last night’s exploration in local vodka culture. It felt like the house was about to fall down. A giant storm had somehow arrived from nowhere and shocked our tiny trance pop village. Later the manager at our place remarked he never expired something like this in his life, heaving a storm coming so rapid and suddenly. As the wind faded I went out to get my morning coffee by myself, with a handwritten note from Zavoloka, reading black coffee and pancake with sweet filling in Russian. It feels like I am one of few having sat my foot on this place without knowing a single word of Russian except from thank you; Spasiba, Spasiba. With the lack of English speakers I might as well go on with my Norwegian if I had not been given handwritten notes. After my meal my head and body were slowly feeling better, as I joined in the others working, I started editing video material.

As people went on to the beach after the stormy interruption, they would be amused if the saw us sitting inside with our laptops instead of slumbering at the beach, My roommate Johannes is deeply into his composing on his laptop, and it feels somehow good to work on such a isolated and absurd place like this.

As the night is approaching I am writing these lines hearing the inferno of sounds from the bars and clubs in the distant. It s like a pumping machine of twisted fun, a journey into bad Euro trance and a constructed pleasure, and its hard to think that people actually enjoy this music and these places at this volume. There are elder people here as well, but they do not seem to react on the volume or the Dj’s choice in picking music. It is hard to find a café, or to enjoy a meal and a conversation without having to yell to make the other person hear. And every place seems the same, trying hard to play louder than their neighbours. Like a war in bad taste without anyone raising their eyebrow. It’s funny in a sad way, but the fact is, there are more empty clubs than tourist at this place. And the people spending time here do not seem to have that much fun either…

by Tobias 11 Years, 3 Months ago.